In the fall of 2016, I was offered an internship position as a congressional intern for the Office of Congressman Carlos Curbelo. During this time I had the extreme pleasure of gaining further knowledge of the ongoing issues, which directly affected the district as well as had the opportunity to interacted with constituents from all around the world. My duties granted me a better look at the bigger picture through communicating with multiple nations embassies as well as through meeting the families which are directly affected by the issues most of us only hear about on the news. Ultimately, I am walking away from the congressional internship grateful for the system this nation has built as it has a crucial hand in help millions of individuals including myself as it has brought me closer to having greater global awareness, perspective, and engagement. This was all accomplished through the hard working men and women who work at the Office of Congressman Carlos Curbelo.


  • Phones – Calls being made for casework or being answered for opinions by constituents regarding bills or recent news.
  • Casework – Work assigned by intern coordinator which included contacting embassies, contacting government organization, constituents and making progress towards resolution of an issue or issues constituents brought to the office.
  • Mobile Office Hours – Monthly event where one intern would host a table at a local library to answer any questions a constituent who might not be able to make it to the office might have.
  • District Report – Weekly report done by interns, which detailed the highlights for top stories within the district.
  • Project Work – Special work handled on a needed basis. Tasks such as Military Academy nominations, event coordination, town hall or city meetings, and weekend campaigning or door-to-door meet and greet.


Through my time spend at FIU and through the interactions I've had with so many different and interesting people from all walks of life, I can honestly say that my outlook on a lot of things has changed in so many ways. In just four short years I have been able to interact with students and families from all around the world which with through listening to their stories of struggle or of success have I been able to carry all theses different perspectives with me and this process has made me always consider others’ points of view into consideration before making critical decisions (Global Perspective). I have also been made aware of how interconnected we truly are in this world. In just a a couple of decades has the world changed drastically through the internet and social media connecting more people and places than ever before and we as global citizens now have the ability to shine light on atrocities happening all over the world (Global Awareness). This new ability gives everyone an equal opportunity to do what is right and should be a call to action to everyone to finally stand up and do our part. This is the time to right the wrongs committed everyday in the world and through what Ive learn from school and through my internship will I be doing my part and taking a stand to do all I can in making a change for the better (Global Engagement). I plan to continue meeting new people and listening to their stories in order to open my eyes to new experiences and to act locally in an attempt to change my surrounding for the better. As mentioned before, we should all act on a local level but always be focused on the bigger picture.

From what I've learn I hope to continue mastering skills I've acquired during my time at the internship and at FIU. Skills such as:

  • Public Speaking
  • Planning/Organization
  • Social Networking
  • Data Entry
  • Microsoft Proficiency
  • And so much more...

As a global citizen post-graduation I plan to branch into new social circles in my personal life in order to add new ranging global perspectives and to further expand my network in order to bring people closer. Academically, I plan to further my education in my pursue of a Juris Doctorate. Hopefully one day becoming an attorney who can stand up for those in need. I will also join legal organizations with diverse perspectives and will do all I can to take a leadership role in order to stand up for those who have difficultly standing up for themselves through pro bono work. Finally, in my professional life I will continue encouraging global engagement and will put myself in the best position to help those whose voices and ideas can make a positive change in the community. As stated on the first page of this website, I will always aspire to be a hero and to inspire others to do good in this world but with what I have learned from my internship as well as through my global learning courses is that heroes are not people who change the world in a day. A hero's work is seen in their daily efforts to do good and to push others to do the same. So like the heroes before me I will stand up for what is right and do so as a global citizen.