Global Learning Courses

During my time at F.I.U. I was sure to enroll in courses which broaden my mind to view issues and situations from other perspectives.

Community Service

Beginning in high school, I was always doing my best to give back to the community as I believe it is our duty to give back and do everything we can to improve the situation of others. I have, to this day, been available to volunteer of 400+ hours of my time towards bettering the community.

Global Learning Activities

I also took part in weekly lectures at F.I.U. called Tuesday Times Roundtables which always exposed students to new and changing ideas to help in our exploration of ranging perspectives.


Global Learning Courses

The following were courses which helped me in understanding concepts and ideologies initially foreign to me, however, upon readings and lectures given throughout the courses have helped me develop into a global student:

  • Introduction to Religion (REL 2011)
  • Studies In World Religion (REL 3308)
  • Contemporary International Problems (INR 3081)
  • International Protection of Human Rights (INR 4075)

For example, in International Protection Of Human Rights (INR 4075) our class took part in weekly discussions amongst each other where we would detail our experiences in life. This process was a wealth of knowledge to learn how different each of our experiences were and how our identities or cultural backgrounds had an effect on such things. The class was a truly remarkable and unforgettable experience.

Global Learning Activities

Through these weekly discussions, students were exposed and allowed to discuss all sorts of current events and situations which take place within the country and all around the globe. The discussions were almost always lead by professional in the field or topic in focus for that week and the back and forth between students and these professional provided vital and enlightening information which impacted each member who participated.

Such topics as "Millennials as Global Citizens IRL" or "Multicultural Experienceships: A New Strategy for Unity" were just some of the countless lectures which engaged students with global material and provided students with a plethora of opportunities to become involved in the community as well as to grow as global citizens. I met dozens of diverse and intelligent students from all around the global at these lectures and I could not be more grateful for the opportunity.

The greatest impact the Tuesday Times Roundtables has had on me is on gifting me with a mantra which encapsulates how I believe all of us should choose to live our lives, "act locally but think globally".


Global Learning Initiative

On this next page you will read a little bit about an internship I took part in in order to broaden my understanding in helping me develop into a global student.