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My Story

On August 11, 1996, I was born. I attended Kids In Action Daycare until the age of 4. Then my parents enrolled me in Jack D Gordon Elementary School where I went Kindergarten through 5th grade. Later, I went to Jorge Mas Canosa Middle School. I had a wonderful Math teacher that inspired me to thrive for more. I completed my high school education at Felix Varela Senior High School. At Felix Varela, another exceptional teacher broadened my horizons and guided me to enter FIU where I later completed my bachelor's degree in Political Science and International Relations.

Meet the Family

Even though I was the first, I am extremely fortunate to have three other siblings making a grand total of six crazy but wonderful members to the Santos Family.


Mom and Dad have been married since February 1996.


My brother Austin was born July 1998.


My twin sisters, Amanda & Sarah completed our family February 2003.


How about checking my educational background. It might not blow you away, but I can assure you these institutions are more than meets the eye.